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uard mogoed – an interview with 15 eduard mogoed for wiredthe artist behind his artwork on the internet talk, and the guy that brought the internet to it’s tipping point is a legend and one of the original ideas carriers of the ideas that ran the internet for the last 15 years. his untimely passing from cancer is a sad loss to the internet that this site talks about everyday. philosopher james a gale writes of the internet and the spread of individualism. ‘the internet has done more to spread individualism than all the years before.’ he said in a talk he gave at the internet conference here at google. what are the principles that run the net? a man who set the foundation for the web today looked at the internet and asked what the fundamental principles that run the internet are. he said that the internet is like a ship with an anchor called the U.S. constitution that gives us permission to sail freely into the world, but you must always remain mindful that you may run into a point of solid resistance. he looked at the internet and said it has the same principles that give permission to the world to sail into our country, but you must remain mindful that at any moment the country may choose to run up on a reef and you will be asked to stay in port. the internet is a positive force in the world, but it is not infallible. the internet should not stop evolution, but neither should it obstruct it. the internet and all it represents is not a threat to freedom, but a great opportunity to explore freedom as a way of life. the reason that we are not living in the world of liberty is that there are ideas that are difficult to express. the internet is like an electric current that travels through an iron house. it brings in ideas that are incompatible with what people already believe and people try to reject them. if the person on the street sees the current moving through the iron house, they decide that they are not going to live in the iron house, they will get off the electric current, and they will reject the new ideas. this rejection is the real threat to individual freedom. this is why we need the internet. the internet allows people to connect with ideas that are incompatible with what they believe, and that is the real opportunity for people to reevaluate what they believe. they are going to reject and it is up to us to work hard to make sure that




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Digital Anarchy Backdrop Designer 15 Cracked detsco

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